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Australia is a land of contrasting tales, from its indigenous heritage spanning tens of thousands of years to its more recent colonial history. While Australia’s historical sites offer a tangible touch to the past, not everyone has the luxury to embark on a physical journey to these locations. Enter the revolutionary world of virtual tours. Australian government departments are beginning to harness the advantages of virtual tours, creating a seamless bridge between the past and the present, and opening up Australia’s history like never before.

Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania
Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

Why are Virtual Tours the Future for Australia’s Historical Tourism?

  1. Wider Accessibility: Virtual tours break down geographical barriers. Whether you’re from Perth, Paris, or Pittsburgh, you can immerse yourself in the historic streets of The Rocks in Sydney or wander through the World Heritage-listed Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania, all without leaving your home.
  2. Year-round Access: Weather, maintenance, and conservation efforts can restrict physical access to some historical sites. Virtual tours ensure that these attractions are available for exploration 365 days a year.
  3. Engaging Younger Generations: The younger, tech-savvy generation, which might find traditional museum visits less appealing, can be captivated by interactive, immersive virtual experiences. It’s a fantastic way for educators and parents to introduce children to the nation’s rich history.
  4. Preservation of Fragile Sites: Some historical sites are susceptible to wear and tear from the thousands of feet that tread on them annually. Virtual tours can reduce the physical impact on these sites while still allowing countless visitors to appreciate their historical significance.
  5. Deep Dives into History: Virtual tours can be enhanced with multimedia – videos, audio clips, and textual information, offering a comprehensive look into the past. Imagine hearing indigenous tales or colonial narratives while virtually walking the very grounds where history was made!
  6. Boost for the Economy: While it may seem counterintuitive, virtual tours can boost physical visits. A virtual teaser of Australia’s historical gems can inspire travellers to pack their bags and experience the real deal, stimulating local tourism and businesses.

Government’s Role in Championing Virtual Historical Tours

It’s evident that virtual tours hold immense potential, but why should the Australian government departments be the ones leading the charge?

Trial Bay Gaol, Arakoon National Park
  • Quality Control: Government-backed virtual tours can ensure that the representation of Australia’s historical sites is accurate, respectful, and of high quality.
  • Investment in Technology: With the necessary funding, government departments can invest in cutting-edge technology to create world-class virtual experiences, keeping Australia at the forefront of global tourism trends.
  • Inclusion of All Historical Narratives: A government-led initiative can ensure that the stories of all Australians, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, are told comprehensively and with sensitivity.

As we move into an increasingly digital era, it is both a responsibility and an opportunity for Australian government departments to leverage virtual tours. These digital platforms don’t just promote tourism; they breathe life into our nation’s stories, ensuring that they endure for future generations. So, step back in time with just a click, and let’s embrace the vast, historical wonders that Australia has to offer.

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The features and functionality of Virtual Tours offer many many different options which could include (but is certainly not limited to) some of the following :

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