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Underwater Virtual Tours

Underwater Virtual Tours offer an Innovative and Interactive way for Divers, potential divers and even non-divers to get a real “taste” of the Underwater World.  An Underwater Virtual Tour provide Dive Operators and Dive Resort owners with a unique way to showcase the dive locations that they offer.

Underwater Virtual Tours

Underwater Virtual Tours can be created as Google Virtual Tours – or as a special type Custom Virtual Tour – photographed (and video) underwater with special waterproof 360° camera equipment.

Underwater Virtual Tours have the same options and capabilities of traditional Google and Standalone Virtual Tours – but tend to incorporate 360°video as well and offer a truly magical immersive (pun intended) experience.

Underwater Virtual Tours could be used across any industry involving water, but are obviously ideal for Travel Industry Virtual Tours – especially for Dive Operators, Dive Resorts and Tourist Destinations offering Scuba Diving and/or snorkeling services. 

Underwater Virtual Tour Costs

The costs for creating a Underwater Virtual Tour (which includes the photoshoot, creation of individual panoramas, integration into a tour, and publication) are slightly more expensive those for Google and Standalone Virtual Tours (because of the extra equipment and effort associated with shooting underwater) but would typically vary from around $1200 upwards – depending on the number of nodes required to cover the area/s you want, and the features/functionality you wish to include.

You can either host the tour on your own server or VIRTUALIZE can offer Virtual Tour Hosting for a small ongoing (monthly/annual) cost.

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