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Virtual Tour Examples

Virtual Tours offer Unique, Innovative and Interactive ways to showcase your business… but there are various different types which provide a range of different features and functionality…

Click and Drag the Google Virtual Tour on the right… or select a Tab below for examples of other different types of Virtual Tours…


VIRTUALIZE  can create a variety of different types of Virtual Tours… each with their own Pros, Cons and Capabilities.

This page provides examples of some the main types of Virtual Tours….

Google Virtual Tours offer relatively limited functionality, but are accessible directly from Google Search/Maps, and can be embeded into a website, or social media… or emailed as a link.

“Standard” Google Virtual Tour

Multi Level Google Virtual Tour

Standalone Virtual Tours offer the greatest level of personalisation with a virtually limitless set of features and functionality :

Hervey Bay Esplanade

Lescapade Resort (New Caledonia)

Brisbane Jacaranda Trees

Individual Panospheres are the building blocks of more sophisticated Virtual Tours – but can sometimes be used on their own – embedded into a Website, Google Maps or Social Media… They can also offer some fairly sophisitcated features in theor own right…

Wheres Ryan

Aerial Panospheres offer a WOW factor because they provide unusual perspective to view your location…

Mowbray Park

Palatine Hill Park (Brisbane)

Whites Hill State College (Brisbane)

A 360 Panosphere can provide an innovative and interactive way to showcase a Sports Team or your Staff

Wheres Ryan

Netball Team

Virtual Showrooms allow potential customers to “walk through” your physical showroom from the comfort of their couch, using a mobile, laptop or desktop device.

Standalone Virtual Showroom (enhanced features & functionality)

Google Virtual Showroom (basic functionality)

A single Panosphere can offer an innovative and interactive way to showcase prpducts … and offer a variety of different options when clicked – e.e. Video Popup, Play Audio, Link to a Website…

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