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The KX methodology is founded upon the ‘Kaizen Xperinece’, originating from the Japanese philosophy of ‘kaizen’ or ‘change for the better’. KX Pilates combines traditional reformer Pilates principles and is focused around delivering long-lasting results through small continuous improvements.

KX Pilates‘ Carina studio opened early in 2022, and is the latest addition to its ten company-owned locations and more than 85 franchises spread across Australia, China and Indonesia. 

We have been working with KX Pilates Carina to see how 360° Imagery and Virtual Tour technology could be used to showcase their facilities and give potential members a “taste” of the KX Pilates Experience.

There are essentially 3 main ways that Fitness Studios and Gyms could use this technology to promote their services and facilities :

360° Photos

At its most basic level, 360° Photos can be taken, processed and published to a Google Business Listing. 360° Photos are displayed on Google Maps (and sometimes Google Search Pages) and can be embedded into a website and/or sent as links. They offer an interesting and interactive way for visitors to view a space.

360° Images are shown in Google Maps Search results and most business owners are surprised by the number of views that they typically generate. (5 individual 360° photos originally published to the KX Pilates Carina Google Business Listing in May 2022, received more than 350 views within the first 3 days)

Google Virtual Tours

A Google Virtual Tour is a natural extension to Standalone 360° Photos. This requires extra processing and specialised software as individual photos need to be geolocated (to identify their physical geographic location) and interconnected (to define their spatial relationship) before they are published to Google.

A Virtual Tour allows visitors to do a self guided walkthrough of a location and provides a much more immersive and (often) emotive experience than is possible with simple photos or even video.

Custom Virtual Tours

A Custom Virtual Tour is based on the same imagery used in a Google Virtual Tour, but has more capabilities and can offer many more features and a much broader range of functionality… A Custom Virtual Tour could include :

  • Customised Branding, Colour scheme, Logos and Node/Hotspot Icons
  • Custom navigation
  • Popup Hotspots to Video / PDFs / Images / Info / Website … and more
  • Website links
  • Interactive Elements
  • Background Audio
  • Autorotation
  • 360° Video
  • … and much, much more…

Custom Virtual Tours could offer a Virtual Showroom or a 360° Shopping Experience and provide an Interesting, Innovative and Interactive way to showcase a business.

Watch This Space for a Sample Virtual Tour for KX Carina