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Are you a Queensland tourism operator, a not-for-profit organisation, or a local government entity eager to embark on your journey towards making your business more accessible? The Access Starter Grant, part of the $5 million Accessible Tourism Elevate Fund, is here to help you take the first step while also highlighting your progress with immersive Virtual Tours.

About the Access Starter Grant:

The Access Starter Grant is a unique opportunity for businesses and organisations at the initial stages of their accessible tourism journey. It’s not just about ticking the accessibility boxes; it’s about showcasing your commitment to creating an inclusive visitor experience. This grant can be a game-changer for you, especially if you leverage it to create compelling Virtual Tours.

How the Access Starter Grant Can Elevate Your Business with Virtual Tours:

  1. Access Audits and Planning: Use the grant to conduct comprehensive access audits of your facilities. Identify areas for improvement and create a plan to enhance accessibility. This is not just about meeting requirements; it’s about ensuring every visitor has a seamless experience.
  2. Virtual Tour Development: Invest in the creation of immersive Virtual Tours that highlight your accessibility improvements. Show potential visitors exactly what to expect when they choose your destination. Use 360-degree photos, videos, and interactive features to engage and inform.
  3. Website Enhancement: Improve your website’s accessibility by making it user-friendly for individuals with various needs. Ensure that your Virtual Tours are seamlessly integrated into your website, making it easy for visitors to explore your facilities online.
  4. Inclusive Marketing: Utilise the grant to update your marketing and communication materials. Showcase your commitment to accessibility in brochures, social media, and promotional campaigns, and provide direct links to your Virtual Tours.
  5. Staff Training: Enhance your staff’s awareness and training in catering to visitors with accessibility needs. Ensure they are well-prepared to provide a welcoming and accommodating experience to all.

Access Starter Grant Details:

Under the Access Starter Grant program, you can secure $5,000 (excluding GST) in funding, and here’s the best part – no matched funding is required. This means you can fully invest in creating outstanding Virtual Tours that truly showcase your business’s commitment to accessibility.

As a part of the Grant application process you will need to include a quote from a supplier – we can help you with that. The grant opens for applications on Thursday 26th October and close on 6 December 2023 (or earlier if the funding allocation is exhausted prior to the closing date). Applications are assessed in order of receipt.  

By leveraging the Access Starter Grant to create engaging Virtual Tours, you not only meet accessibility requirements but also set a new standard for inclusive tourism. Your business becomes an example of how innovation and technology can elevate the visitor experience, making it memorable for everyone. Welcome all visitors with open arms, virtually and in person, and be a part of the 2023 Year of Accessible Tourism in Queensland!