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“Atmosphere” is a critical aspect of the popularity of Breweries, Wineries, and Entertainment Venues… it is usually the atmosphere and experience that brings people back again and again… But how do you go about convincing people who have never visited your venue, that is it worth a look in the first place ??

A Virtual Tour can provide an Innovative, Interesting, and Interactive way for your potential patrons to get a “taste” of the experience you have on offer…

Virtual Tour Versus Guided Tour

Breweries and Wineries often offer Guided Tours to visitors, to allow them to experience their operations and facilities. Guided Tours are a fantastic way to show patrons how your facility works, provide an emotional attachment to your products, and present sales opportunities… However, a Real-Life Guided Tour can sometimes be a disappointment because for various reasons it is not always possible to show the full capabilities of your operations …

  • Health and Safety – it is not always possible to provide access to certain parts of your operations because of health and safety concerns
  • Operational Shutdowns – for various reasons, parts of your operation may not be functioning (e.g. equipment failure, maintenance)
  • Day / Time of Year Shutdowns – There may be seasonal, time-based, or raw material limiting reasons why some or all of your operations may not be functioning

A Virtual Tour allows visitors to see the full extent of your operations any time they choose – allowing you to showcase it at an optimal time and provide a fuller experience.

Benefits of Virtual Tours

360° Photos, 360° Video and Virtual Tours offer unique benefits (over traditional media like photos and video) which make them extremely effective at showcasing and promoting Entertainment Venues such as Breweries and Wineries :

  • Innovation – Offer a very impressive “wow” factor
  • Connectivity & Accessibility – Provide a spatial awareness that is not possible with most other forms of marketing. Virtual Tours can be used by anyone with internet access via a variety of devices (mobile, desktop, VR Headset)…
  • Experiential  & Interactive – Offer an “experience” based interface, where users get to Interact and actually participate. This provides a level of emotional attachment not available through traditional media (photos and video)
  • Dynamic – you are able to show the same space setup for different types of events – e.g. Party, Private Function, Live Band, Dance Hall….
  • Inspirational – Offer a “taste” of the experience and provide insights into what is on offer, which very often results in anI want to see more” moment. 
  • Recycle – Virtual Tours are able to incorporate and reference existing content (information, Photos, Video, Stories, Links, Audio, etc…) .
  • Extendable – can very easily be updated, modified and improved to update or add extra activities and experiences

The Tabs below provide examples of different ways that 360° Imagery could be used for showcasing a variety o different facilities :

Standalone Virtual Tours are often one of the most effective ways to promote Breweries, Wineries and Entertainment Venues as they give the user much more control of the experience. They also offer a wide range of features such as :

  • Logo/Branding
  • Custom Icons
  • Menu Navigation
  • External Links ( to website etc..)
  • PopUp Pages – so people can see current/planned Events, Menus, Theme Nights, Special Offers, Contact Forms, etc…
  • a variety of Hotspots and popup capabilities (e.g. Photo, Gallery, Video, Audio)
  • Auto-rotation
  • and much much more.

Click and Drag an image to move around

See Ballistic Beer Co for Full Screen version

See The Prince for Full Screen version

Virtual Tours published to Google are directly available via Google Search and Google Maps, and can be embedded into a website, social media.. or emailed as a link. However Google Virtual Tours have relatively limited features.

Click and Drag an image to move around

Individual 360° Photos (Panospheres) provide an interactive 360° experience allowing users full control to look around (tilt, pan and zoom).

Click and Drag an image to move around

BrewDog DogTap Brisbane – 4,500+ Views in the first month

Ballistic Beer Co – 130,000+ Views in 12 months

Fellons Barrel Hall – 70,000+ Views in 12 months

Panospheres can be uploaded directly to Google Maps, or Social Media, or emailed as a link to a potential client.

See BrewDog for Full Screen version

See XXXX for Full Screen version

What Does it Cost ?

Costs will vary depending on the location, the size and layout of the area/s you want to be covered, and the features/functionality that you’d like to include… Prices start from as little as $100 for a single 360° panosphere up to thousands of dollars for large sophisticated standalone virtual tours.

We would typically be able to provide a ballpark figure once we have spoken to you but may need to undertake a site visit to provide you with a formal quote.

Find Out More…

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you to incorporate 360° Photos, Video or Virtual Tours into a Marketing Campaign to promote our facilities, please give Andy a call on 0403 023 223 or Contact Us.