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Long gone are the days of full government funding for Australian Universities, Schools and Colleges, and these day,s they are becoming increasingly reliant on enrolments from regional and international students.

Innovative and efficient Marketing Strategies to reach new students (and their parents) and increase enrolments, is therefore also becoming increasingly important.

It is also more challenging for Universities, Schools and Educational Institutions to “stand out from the crowd” and effectively promote and market the facilities, services and activities that they have on offer to students.

Virtual Tours are increasingly being used by Educational Institutions to provide a unique, innovative, interactive and cost effective way to promote their facilities and increase enrolments.


Why a Virtual Tour ?

For a whole lot of reasons, Virtual Tours are a fantastic way to showcase Schools and Universities to potential new students (and their families).  Some of the advantages a Virtual Tour has over traditional marketing strategies include :

  • Innovative – a Virtual Tour is a unique and innovative way for potential families to “experience” and interact with your facilities
  • Multi Use – there are many ways your Virtual Tour can be used.  It can be embedded into a Website, posted onto Social Media, emailed as a link, or experienced via a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset
  • Reusable – once you have a Virtual Tour setup, it can be used and re-used multiple times… Only needing refreshing/updating if you have a significant change in the physical appearance or layout of your facilities
  • Easy Access – a Virtual Tour can be available to anyone with Internet Access.  Potential students do not have to physically visit your campus to get a taste of the facilities you offer. 
  • Ease of Use – most people find using and navigating a Virtual Tour fairly intuitive and are able to use it with little or no instruction
  • Time to Market – typically we would be able to create and publish your Virtual Tour within 7-10 days of the photoshoot (large or very sophisticated VTs may take a little longer)
  • Emotional Attachment – because of the interactive process involved in undertaking a  Virtual Tour, and the “control” the user has over their experience, it naturally becomes a more emotional experience than is possible with photos or video (which offer very little in the way of participation).
  • Extra Information – a Virtual Tour can include hotspots and extra functionality to help showcase your campus, such as :
    • Your Branding/Logo
    • Links to a website
    • “Call Now” Link to directly dial a phone number
    • Menu system / Navigation
    • Hotspots with popup Information, Photos or Video
    • Background Sound
    • and more…

 Virtual Tour Options

There are a variety of different types of Virtual Tours and associated available for Schools. Colleges and Universities, at a range of costs and offering a variety of different features :

This types of tour is probably the one that is most widely noticed…. because it is accessible directly from Google Search / Google Maps, and can also be embedded into a website, sent as a link, or added into social media.  It is the simplest Virtual Tour to setup and publish, but has relatively limited features. Examples :

Standalone Virtual Tours are the most popular style of VTs for Scho0ols and Universities because they allow you to include Logo/Branding information and offer a wide variety of features and functionality, including Hotspots, Menu Navigation, Image/Video Popups, Background Audio, Auto Rotation… and more… Examples :

An Individual 360° Panosphere is a single interactive image – usually published to Google Maps.  It doesn’t include navigation/walkthrough capabilities or fancy features, but can be added to Google Maps, embedded into your website, or posted to social media. Examples :

Like an Individual 360° Panosphere, an Aerial Panosphere is a single interactive image, but it provides an aerial perspective (taken from a drone) and provides a great way to showcase the location/community Examples :

What Does it Cost?

Prices for a 360° Photo or Virtual Tour to showcase your School or University, start from as little as $120 for an Individual Photosphere ranging up to several thousand dollars for a large sophisticated Standalone Virtual Tour.

Costs will vary depending on the size and layout of the areas you’d like to include in the virtual tour… and the features and functionality you would like to offer. We can also offer a significant discount for multiple tours for a number of centres

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you create a Virtual Tour to promote your Child Care Centre, give Andy a call on 0403 023 223 or Contact Us.