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Clearly, coronavirus (Covid-19) has had a massive impact on the Australian Tourism Industry… and the end is not even in sight yet… Following close behind devastating drought and bushfire events, QLDs Tourism industry is staring at a $500M+ loss of Tourism dollars.

Australian domestic markets, and possibly even the cruise industry have been identified as potential great hopes to make up some of the losses.. with industry insiders predicting a $1 billion bonanza for the Easter holidays (mid April).

Marketing Campaigns like “Holiday at Home” and “Holiday Here This Year”, as well as various stimulus packages put in place by federal and state governments, are also designed to encourage local travel and spending.

Australian Federal and State Governments are scrambling to mitigate the impact of coronavius, by offering financial support and increased marketing expenditure… However, now is the time for Tourist Operators to step up !!!

NOW is the time for local tourism operators to consider how
they can make their business STAND OUT from the rest…

It will may take months, for the flow of International (particularly Chinese) tourists to return… but eventually they will… It is therefore critical that QLD Tourism Operators (and Australian Tourism in general) spend their marketing budgets wisely over the next few months… not just to capture local tourism dollars, but also to prepare for the return of international visitors.

How Can Virtual Tours Help ?

Virtual Tours like the one below for an island resort in New Caledonia aren’t intended to replace a holiday – they are designed to provide a “taste” of the experience and encourage potential visitors to want to book and actually go and have the live experience for themselves…

Virtual Tours (and at their most basic level, even individual 360° Photos) offer some unique qualities that can help make tour operators Stand out from the Crowd.

  • Wow Factor – Virtual Tours offer a Unique, Interesting and Interactive way for p[otential visitors to experience a Tourism destination or Activity
  • Coronavirus Free – Virtuals Tours can be experienced form the comfort of your own lounge room – so no fears or concerns about infection
  • Interactive – a Virtual Tour experience is Active NOT Passive (like traditional marketing elements like photos or video)… this allows potential visitors to interact with your location and this provides a much more emotional experience.
  • Multi-platform – Virtual Tours can be run/viewed on desktop, mobile devices, and even VR headsets.
  • Versatile – A Virtual Tour can be embedded into a website, published to social media, emailed as a link, or can be available directly from Google Search.
  • Fast & Cheap – creating a Virtual Tour can be a surprisingly fast and inexpensive process… and in many cases can allow you to re-use existing photo/video/information resources

Find Out More…

You can find out more about Virtual Tours in general … or how effective Virtual Tours in the Travel Industry could be… or if you would just like a chat about how Virtual Tours could be incorporated into your marketing strategy, please feel free to Contact Us