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When they initially announced the Business Photos pilot program, Google wanted to give business owners an easy way to get customers in the door online using interactive, high-quality, 360-degree images of places on Google Maps and on Google Search results.

Since then they have listed thousands of new businesses on the Google Business Photos program – and are increasingly being asked by business owners about how they can get their ow Business Photos.

With the overwhelming success of the first pilot, Google has now unveiled an initiative designed to reach more interested business owners, more quickly: Trusted Photographers.

What are Business Photos Trusted Photographers

Business Photos Trusted Photographer are selctec by Google to  build relationships with local businesses and work with them to photograph their space. Trusted Photographers are provided with the training and support they need to capture Street View imagery in a form that fcane be published on Google Maps.

How to Find Trusted Photographers

Easy… Simply visit the Google Business Photos website and search for a Google Trusted Photographer in your area. The either email or call a local photographer to schedule a time and agree on a price that you will pay the photographer for a photoshoot of your business.

Trusted Photographers are available in Australia,  New Zraland, the United Kingodm, France and 14 U.S. cities