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The Global Coroanavirus Pandemic is very likely going to become the single most dramatic event in our generation… It has really only just started, and none of us really know where it will lead… but it is VERY clear that it will have a fundamental effect on business, worldwide.

Some types of business have experienced an immediate impact… in particular, Travel & Tourism, Events & Entertainment, and Hospitality have already experienced significant downturns, but many (perhaps most) other industries will also be affected along the way.

The immediate priority by business owners is naturally the Health and Safety of Staff and Customers. However, they also need to determine what they need to do to continue to operate…… and not just for the short term… but how they can survive and in fact grow in the long term.

Marketing Strategy

Once the initial shock of “lockdown” is over, businesses need to determine initially what they need to do to survive but they should also be considering opportunities for growth… An effective and innovative marketing strategy is a critical part of this process.

Once the initial shock of Coronavirus lockdown has dissipated, business owners need to consider what their industry will look like “post COVID-019” and put in place plans to ensure that their business continues to be effective in that new market. The Coronavirus lockdowns, WILL end, customers WILL return. Some businesses will not recover from the downturn, others may need to make fundamental changes to the way that they operate, but ALL surviving businesses will need to be smart and innovative about how they promote their products/services and maintain and (hopefully) increase their market share share.

Innovative Marketing Ideas

Virtualize specialise in Fresh, New & Innovative Marketing Solutions and can help you develop an effective marketing plan to ensure that your business is well placed capitalise on “Life After COVID-19”. Some of the Marketing Services we offer include :

Some of the Innovative Marketing Ideas we can help you with are :

  • Virtual Tours – Google Street View and Standalone Virtual Tours to provide a virtual “walkthrough” of your business
  • Virtual Showrooms – showcase your products anywhere in the world with an online walkthrough
  • 360 ° Photography – standalone 360 degree Panospheres, videos of Virtual Tours
  • Aerial Photos and Video – Photos and Videos taken from the air with a drone provide a unique perspective on your business

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