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With the decision to go ahead with a bid for the 2032 Olympics, there are destined to be exciting (and no doubt challenging) times ahead for Brisbane, Queensland and in fact the whole of Australia… but the focus now is how best to prepare and deliver a “winning” bid to secure the Olympics.

This post examines some of the amazing ways that 360° Imagery (Photos and Video) and Virtual Tours could be used to help showcase Queensland as the ideal location for the 2032 Summer Olympics.

Virtual Tours to Showcase Olympics ?

Virtual Tours provide a fantastic way to “show the world” what Brisbane has to offer for the 2032 Olympics – not just as a part of the bid process itself, but also in the lead-up to and (assuming we win the bid) during the Olympics themselves.

The types of things that Virtual Tours (and 360° photos/videos in general) could be used for as a part of the Qld 2032 Olympics include :

  • Public Support & Awareness – a Virtual Tour offers an interactive experience which provides much more “emotional” involvement that can be achieved by photos or video alone. Using Virtual Tours to showcase existing and potential venues is a great way to get the community excited.
  • The 20302 Olympics Bid – Virtual Tours can be used as a part of the bid process, to demonstrate to Olympic Committee judges how much infrastructure Brisbane and SEQ already have in place, and provide an excellent spatial awareness (through Aerial 360° panospheres and interactive maps) of the physical location and capabilities of existing and potential venues. Virtual Tours are also one of the best ways to show judges the wealth of other activities and tourism destinations available to potential Olympic visitors
    (e.g. Brisbane Jacarandas).
  • Venue/Activity Showcase – Virtual Tours offer an interactive “taste” of exactly what our venues have to offer – both as a part of the bid process and as a guide to visitors during the Olympics
    (e.g. Curiocity).
  • Aerial 360° – Aerial Virtual Tours provide a unique navigation capability which allows visitors to “experience” a range of different events/activities/locations across a large geographic area. This would be ideal way to showcase the Qld 2032 Olympics
    (e.g. Hervey Bay Esplanade)
  • The 2032 Olympics – assuming the we win the 2032 bid, Virtual Tours would provide a unique, interactive and innovative way for visitors, athletes and all participants to not only pre-visit the different venues, but also get a taste of many of the other tourism activities Queensland has to offer.

Virtual Tours have the potential to offer a “WOW” factor which provides Olympic Committee Judges, Athletes and potential visitors to QLD a real “taste” of a South East Queensland Olympic Experience.